We're building a world where city and nature coexist as one.

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Houston, TX
5,755 Trees Planted
Planting October 2o22


Houston, home to NASA, is the nation's fourth-largest city and its most diverse.

Austin, TX
0 Trees Planted
Planting October 2o22


Austin is the capital of Texas and live music capital of the world.

Where we've planted trees

Why cities?

American cities lose 36 million trees annually.

USDA Forest Service

82% of Americans live in cities, spending 93% of our time indoors. With urbanization increasing rapidly, we have never been so isolated from nature, especially in underserved communities.

Nature and trees provide many benefits crucial to our survival and success. As our cities become less green, environmental, societal, health, and economic issues will worsen.

You have the power to change the world.

One product sold plants one tree in a city.

25% For Our Cities

We use 25% of the profits from your purchase to plant trees in American cities for a better quality of life for all.

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